Weak sales? Reducing customer loyalty?  They are not interested in your proposal?

All offline and digital products and brands need to be loved by customers. Because only a good relationship between your customer offer and the consumer’s expectations creates a magic loyalty.

Do you want to create a magic,
profitable consumer loyalty?

What about our consulting competences

Customer loyalty mechanics

What drives consumer loyalty now and will do in the future? Gamification, bonuses, status and club motivation system, personal and auction offers.

Loyalty program strategies

Also, we creating the strategy for our Consumers with three points. Practical efficiency, Easy implementation, Support of your business model.

Economic model of loyalty

We always work out of the full economic model of changes in the loyalty program. ROI, P&L, Budget, Cash Flow and the operating model of changes in loyalty.

Creating IT&CRM architecture

How to ensure the full interaction of your ERP system with the CRM and marketing automation? Finally, complete development of IT architecture for client processes.

Launch Trigger Communications

Most of all, we set up and manage trigger communications. This will create personalized offers for your consumers. And also reduce the costs for marketing processes.

Operate & Loyalty management

The cost of our services for the complementary loyalty management  is comparable to the in-house costs of companies. Full management and responsibility.

How much is customer loyalty?

How to create a customer loyalty program? Pick a program that best fits your expectations, readiness and goals. All plans offer a full project template. Therefore, each consulting plan builds guaranteed effective changes in your business model. It’s easy to work with us – we speak the same business language!




Concept & loyalty mechanics

P&L, ROI, Budget, Launch Plan, Basic processes

Communication Plan, Creative plan

IT Architecture & Tenders

Support for implementation




Concept & loyalty mechanics, Rewards

P&L, Budget, Launch Plan, Economic model

Communication Plan, Marketing plan

IT Architecture & Tenders

Support for implementation




Concept & loyalty mechanics, Rewards

P&L, Budget, Launch Plan, Economic model

Communication Plan, WorkBook

IT Architecture, Tenders, Processes

3 months of implementation

Some clients

About us

We ensured the change of client processes and the loyalty of more than 6 million customers.  Due, we do customer loyalty consulting business in 11 countries.

Our metods

Introduction! Improvement! Implementation! Only in this way we can improve the efficiency of client processes and make your customers happy

Audit of the company's readiness for changes

Sometimes, The companies are trying to change something in their client processes and loyalty. Finally, undeveloped changes end in financial losses. Not all business models require unique loyalty programs. As a rule, clients get used to discounts or other inoculations. As a result, the company works at a loss. Assess the effectiveness and ROI of changes in the loyalty program is an important first step.

Make a quick audit your company's customer processes and retention level for $350

As a result, you will receive an assessment of your company's readiness to change client processes. Fast, safe, honest.