How to build a logistics services for e-commerce?

How to build a logistics services for eCommerce companies? “Furgonetka” is an excellent company with an interesting logistics solutions. For those who are not familiar with the Polish logistics market, you are welcome to be clarified. There are 288 postal operators and among them there are many leaders with so many different proposals, consumers doesn’t know what company is better to choose.

It was nice to be a member of a new conference “Logistics for eCommerce”, organized by the great company

How it works?

Especially if you are a private person, it’s hard to get such special terms of cooperation, which can get a B2B client. The logistics operator will demand from you the minimum amount of ordered services. Plus, not all of operators are equal in price, also they don’t get all their services as well good on the whole Poland geography.

Sign up to the service
Make your order.
«Furgonetka» select the most equal variant from all operators for you conforming with your request.
You pay to “Furgonetka” and get the same conditions for cooperation as B2B client has.
After that, “Furgonetka” ordered this service for you as a major customer.

It is convenient! Safe! One contract! The possibility of a large selection, convenience and comfort for the user.

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Be Global Team can do:

  1. Build excellent logistics services
  2. Develop a strategy for the extension of logistics companies
  3. Operationally manage your company to achieve ROI and make a profit

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