Goals & Tasks: Our team carefully checked with the company — why we need an audit client processes and data? How the company will use the results of the audit? In our case the COMFY would like to know which client data he loses. And also introduce a variety of innovative marketing automation tools.

Audit customer processes

Ordering Process. IT services, installation and delivery of equipment to the customer. Service complaints and claims. Receiving and processing orders online. Planning marketing campaigns and evaluation of customer satisfaction. We analyzed these and other processes, and found loss of customer data, as well as client processes the growth zone.

CRM architecture retailer

We took into account the planned projects of the company for the development of IT architecture. We have incorporated the most innovative solutions for marketing automation and the CRM in the world market in the retail sector. And our team suggested retail network more quickly implement the architecture of client processes and CRM instruments.

Create all CRM tools

The results of this project should provide the company with a single customer base and the automation of various processes. Such as: the automation of marketing campaigns, contact center automation, flexible stock management in the loyalty program. Automation of customer surveys and questionnaires, work with the customer service and complaints. Manage Segmentation of customers.

We analyze all client’s internal and external processes of the company. We find the point of customer data loss. We are showing the area of improvements and optimization of customer processes. Form a CRM architecture. We find the best IT tools being introduced for retail chains.

CRM architecture retail COMFY

Retailers, this is important!

  1. First of all, find out — what you need to improve customer processes? You debugged trading, procurement and operational processes? Often, customer loyalty is enhanced if these processes in the company are working well. Good product, good buying process, good control of the supply and assortment.
  2. Retailers full of customer data at each process. But a lot of data is lost or not collected. Start collecting data and structure them to any process automation. Such data will prompt you with the most effective space improvements and optimization of retail processes. Clients prompt — for them the most comfortable.
  3. Do not try to buy «BIG» and «Most intelligent» IT system. It does not make quickly your customers happy. And its implementation will make you change your basic processes. Use for each process — professional expertise, software and solutions. You get fast efficiency in each process. Sending letters and SMS — specialized software. Planning market campaigns — special software and management process. Develop your competence at different speeds. Be flexible.


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