Uruchomienie programu lojalnościowego dla producenta „Nasha Ryaba” TM

Featured: Development and Launch Loyalty Program franchise network for a leading manufacturer of chicken products in Ukraine, the company „MHP”, trademark „Nasha Ryaba”. 2400 POS.


Developing a network of franchise sales require monitoring. It is necessary to consolidate customer base around the brand TM «Nasha Ryaba», strengthen client offer and make transparent the sale of each franchisee.

Our Services

Develop a loyalty program mechanics, IT search provider, the introduction of loyalty programs, support for the pilot period.


A loyalty bonus mechanics, built on a plastic card. The value proposition is based on the monthly increase in the remuneration depends on the volume of purchases. Unified customer database allows online conduct charge and write-off bonuses.


A pilot project covered the 43 point of sales, number of sales with the card is 52% of all checks.


„Nasha Ryaba” TM  is an excellent opportunity to make the sale of its franchisee transparent in each region. Management turnover shelves, the best quality products in order each outlet.

The further strategy of development of relations, with franchisees, allows „Nasha Ryaba” TM strengthen its competitive position in the market. And provide customers excellent service to the field of street retail.

„CRM  in each check” – that is what we call the future of the project. Did you know that buying our products in different packaging in each region? Using different combinations of weight with different combinations of co-products. And our customers in Poltava have different preferences than customers from Odessa and Kiev. They differently consume our products.

And we now know that’s for sure. And it will help us to address customer preferences. As well as provide personalized customer service at any time throughout the country.

Launch loyalty program Nasha Ryaba

Launch Loyalty Program. Key features

  1. A unique project in the national market. For the first time a major manufacturer has launched a loyalty program for end customers. And he made it through the points of sales of its franchise network.
  2. The unique experience of integration of the various accounting systems franchisees with the accounting system of the manufacturer. An unification or optimization of business processes, accounting and trading processes franchisees.
  3. The manufacturer could not get a unique field data. No knowledge of popular products, regional products, average consumer basket and check each client. A great opportunity to get feedback from the customer and provide him with personal conditions of purchase.