Goal & Tasks: A private chain of petrol stations «A-100» needs to be reformed relationships with customers. It was necessary to add new value to the services and products of the company. Know your target audience, gain new customers and become a friend and assistant for regular customers. The task — to understand who our target audience is, what values are important to them. Launch new loyalty program.


Develop a petrol stations loyalty program mechanics, search IT provider. Develop customer mechanics. The introduction of loyalty programs, support for the pilot period.


«Thanks Program» — gratitude for the honest feedback of our customers about what we need to improve in their processes. And thanks for the permanence and active participation in our promotions. Rules allow you to increase the party’s status due to its activity in purchases. Status allows you to get great gifts and prizes in regular lotteries.


Older participants in the program have upgraded their accounts and received their bonuses for long-term loyalty. The company has reduced the cost of customer motivation. By the loyalty program partners were connected (trade and service companies). A pilot project covered the 38 point of sales. loyalty.azs.a-100.by

All pictures source: azs.a-100.by

The new history of relations with consumers

«A-100″ responsibly reconsidered its position on the market of Belarus. Competitive environment consisted of a giant state companies, multinationals with offices in Belarus. Over their shoulders were financial and administrative resources. They are used in relationships with customers discount mechanics and dumping fuel prices in the market.

Service and Service. Only the service could be competitive position. But to improve the service level for any global company — a long and hard task. And then the A-100 has decided to ask its customers — a service for them will be acceptable. And to thank customers for what they give us feedback.

New loyalty mechanics based on contactless chip keychain, new CRM, a new marketing and communication policy. Now clients are personalized and each of them takes part in the lottery and promotions. To enhance the commercial offer to the program were connected partners. Partners from retail chains, pharmacies, home appliance networks, service centers, tourist industry, sphere of personal services.

New communications will allow program participants often inform about new offers cafes, new fuels, new automotive products. And quickly assess the ROI of each campaign. Next steps — prepare a solution for personal communications with regular customers. Being personally oriented company.

Key features petrol stations loyalty program

  1. Very carefully assess your target audience. If you do not have an accurate assessment of the audience — conduct research. Find out who you want to attract customers. What kind of audience you want to reach?
  2. Customers themselves will tell you — what services you need to improve in the first place, and which are not. Encourage them to tell you this, and listen carefully. Belarusian consumers will not expect you to Swiss service. They simplify the task of you and show you the scope of the Belarusian service.
  3. Further Your task — to do step by step to improve their processes. Every day ask customers about their satisfaction processes. And thank them for answers. Customers will trust and you will create long-term loyalty platform. Which no discounts will not change.


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