Customer Segmentation. Retailer GIPPO

Objectives: “GIPPO” – is the best hypermarket chain innovative format, located in the Republic of Belarus. We audit and segmented customer base GIPPO. And offer communication tools & consumer proposition.

Positioning retailer

First, we clarify the positions of the retail chain. It turned out, what target audience aimed their selling proposition.

Check of client offer

We have revised the basis of customer suggestions based on that segmentation. It takes into account the difference in the assortment and product offer for each type of customer and geography stores.

Customer segmentation

Furthermore, we were able to segment from 8 to 15 main groups of customers. Use segmentation: Demographic characteristics; Purchasing behavior; Shopping cart

Communication strategy

Also, a new communication strategy was planned. How to reach every type of our customers. How to inform them about our new client proposal. What kind of partners to use and how to interact with them.


Segmentation results for our client: no metrics can be static. Customer segments are very dynamic. The retailer needs to influence daily consumer behavior. This can be achieved thanks to flexible loyalty mechanics and an excellent product offer to each segment of consumers in every geographical area of the retail chain presence.

Customer segmentation retailer GIPPO

Customer segmentation retailer GIPPO

Use our expertise to create a customer segmentation. Know better your customer!