Goals & Tasks

Young innovative company has set itself the task of being the market leader in postal logistics Belarus. The market was filled with competitors. Among them are international companies (DPD, DHL), the National Post  (Belpochta) and the local strong players. It was necessary to find the right niche market and successfully conquer it.

How to create unique logistics products?

Global & local trends

Logistics — the heart of the retail trade, eCommerce, distribution and pharmaceutical market. Our team is always exploring trends in local markets. This helped us to find for «Nasha Pochta» opportunities for development and leadership in the market of postal logistics Belarus.

Useful logistics products

Parcel shops, special offer & procedures for eCommerce platforms and marketplaces — a fundamentally new products and solutions for B2B and B2C segments of postal market. We have segmented our potential customers and to target our products for them.

Strategy & operations

New products — new sales processes. This forced us to reconsider some of the formats in the relationship with customers. A different strategy to develop a phased launch products to market.


logistics products Nasha Pochta

The new format of postal products

  1. «Nasha Pochta» — first company in Belarus, which received the postal license. This makes it possible to provide legal service for  e-commerce market collection of cash payments. Prior to that, legally this service only made National Post «Belpochta».
  2. Our project has provided a basis to start in Belarus formats such as Pochtomat, Point of delivery of Internet orders, Financial logistics, delivery aggregators.
  3. Logistics market begins to be structured and divided by segment. You can not be a leader in all markets. We chose two key sectors that have the trend to grow by 15-20% annually.
  4. Some of the products the market is not ready to accept. And we had to invest in their promotion. After 8 months, the competitors have started to copy us.


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