Quality service depends on what kind of Sales Standards adopted by the company. We have developed a successful Sales standards and the customer services for the payment points of the company «EasyPay».


«EasyPay» Company launched a new financial service format — points of reception of payments from consumers. Items accepted payments for utilities, telecommunications, electricity, and other financial transfers. The lack of service standards significantly slowed the speed and quality of visitors service points.

Services & works

Development of standards of sales and customer service for retail payment receiving points. Training payment points. Implementation of KPI quality of customer service. Monitoring of the implementation of standards.


First, our team conducted a segmentation of customers. For each segment, the unique payment service standards have been developed. Following the development of the standards we have trained all the operators and was accompanied by the introduction of the standards process.

Results for EasyPay company:

Sales standards EasyPay

Our standards have become the basis of sales and customer service. The company adheres to accurate KPI service for each type of payment. The implementation process was only 1.5 months.

The introduction of standards will speed up customer service by 20%. Each transaction included the  cross-sale offer. The company gained control over the trade process.

It was difficult to trust an outside expert who is not related to the company. But in fact, the changes were acceptable to the company. BG taken into account in its recommendations we established tradition and carefully made changes to organizational processes. So people are not strongly resist innovation, and those who were against, able to motivate!

Alexey Avramenko. EasyPay inc.